Your product competes in a world that is an increasingly complex, global, and "noisy" place. Which means that your products' packaging and labeling has an increasingly significant impact on your business. Especially when it comes to protecting your brand and your intellectual property.

We get that. The Label Printers has been a leading custom label and packaging manufacturer since 1967. We serve a widely diverse customer base around the globe – ranging from Fortune 100 to start-up businesses…supplying industries as varied as wine, pharmaceutical, and electrical…supplying Label and Packaging that can simply identify your products, help you make them stand out from the crowd. and/or protect them from the increasing prevalence of counterfeiters.

The common thread that runs through our diverse customer base is the value they place on what we bring to the relationship – quality, longevity, practicality, experience, and the kind of customer focus that results in investing in equipment and facilities that provide back-up for each other in case of power outages, extraordinary demand, etc.

We are proud of those facilities and our ISO 9001 certification (with an acceptance rating which has stayed at a consistent and nearly perfect 99.6% since 1989), but it doesn’t mean that your packaging requirements have to be exotic. We can – and do – produce labels both simple and complex. We can print labels using anti-counterfeiting technologies such as overt, covert and forensic verification – or we can print black and white stickers.

What makes The Label Printers different – what makes us worth your time to take a look at – is that we see your labeling and packaging requirements within the context of your business needs. We have the experience, the expertise, and the resources to help you realize…and protect…your image.

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