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May 08

Trying to Quit Smoking? Will This Help?

Counterfeit cigarettes ‘high in heavy metals’ A study of counterfeit cigarettes seized in the US supply chain has found that are almost always loaded with lead and cadmium, heavy metals known to be hazardous to health. In the sampling study, researchers analyzed 23 packs of cigarettes intercepted by various law enforcement agencies and found that …

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Apr 17

Knocking Out Knock Offs: Brand Protection & The World of Counterfeits


[An article by Chief of Operations, Lori Campbell, appearing in FTA's April 16 FLEXO Prepress] I think it is safe to assume that I’m not the only one in the converting industry who scrutinizes labels on products and in stores. Don’t you sometimes just look at a print and let out a “tsk tsk” over …

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Feb 03

TLP’s Chief of Ops A Presenter At Industry Forum


The Label Printers’ Chief of Operations, Lori Campbell, will be a presenter at the FTA Forum 2015 this coming May in Nashvile. The Forum will focus on packaging design and overall packaging trends. Lori’s topic is: Brand Protection Solutions: Developing & Selling the Value Whether protecting products from counterfeiting or enhancing supply chain visibility, investigating …

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Dec 02

Fakes for the Holidays – “Better Watch Out”

Below is an article about counterfeit goods that really struck a chord.  There are so many products being counterfeited and so many ways that counterfeit goods are harmful.  It is truly an epidemic.  $1.77 Trillion is the 2015 Projected Value of Global Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods. As you’re doing your holiday shopping, especially …

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Sep 26

Degrees of Separation

Security Image_TLP

Someone asked me the other day who our top competitors are in the area of anti-counterfeiting/brand protection.  As a business professional I should know this, right?  Shouldn’t even have to think about it.  But as we talked further it occurred to me that the challenge isn’t so much with us knowing who our competitors are …

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Jul 15

New Counterfeiting Gallery in D. C.’s Crime Museum

Did you know that there is a Crime Museum in Washington, D.C.?  I didn’t – but I received a Google Alert (subject anti-counterfeiting) about it recently because the Museum just opened a permanent exhibit about counterfeiting, a crime that is increasingly being recognized as one of great impact.  Counterfeiting IS a crime with victims – …

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Jun 06

Interpol Announces Their “Turn Back Crime” Series


We focus a lot of our time working with customers and prospective customers who are looking for anti-counterfeiting solutions.  And so we focus a lot of our time on learning about this market. In many ways it’s like any other market – products, prices, channels of distribution, etc.  But, in many ways it’s very different …

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Nov 08

The Label Printers was a Gold Sponsor for the 2013 International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference in Dublin, Ireland

The Label Printers’ Chief Executive, Bill Kane, and Chief of Operations, Lori Campbell recently returned from Dublin, Ireland where they attended the 2013 International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property (IP) Crime Conference – co-hosted by INTERPOL and An Garda Síochána in partnership with UL. The Label Printers was a Gold Sponsor of the Conference, which brought …

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Aug 13

Implementing Brand Protection Strategies

An excellent article from Ron Romanik, contributing editor at Packaging World – August 9, 2013  From this seat in the auditorium, his key factors – especially 10, 11, and 12 – represent a very real world analysis of the situations, motivations, and attitudes of brand owners, solution providers and consumers. Top considerations for implementing brand …

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Jul 26

Anti-counterfeiting Technology Taggants and Explosives: How High a Priority is Anti-counterfeiting?

Taggants are a “chemical barcode” – uniquely encoded, microscopic materials or chemistries that are incorporated into a product to give it a “fingerprint”. After domestic terrorist attacks, such as the World Trade Center car bombing (1993), Oklahoma City (1995), and this year’s Boston Marathon bombings, taggants in explosives become part of the general national debate …

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