Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 30

Visual vs. Verbal

This article reinforces what visual creatures we consumers are.  The emphasis on creating that visual “stamp” of your brand’s message is so very critical in the short-attention-span-theatre, aka store aisles!

May 28

Proposed Anti-counterfeiting Rules from the Department of Defense

Security Image_TLP

Below is some excerpted information on a “Proposed Rule” relative to anti-counterfeiting measures required of DOD suppliers that has recently been published. Click on the title to go to the DOD’s web site for the complete regulation supplement. It is clear that the problem of counterfeit parts flowing through the DOD supplier pipeline has the …

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May 23

A Case Against QR Codes in Package Design | Kaleidoscope | blog

This is a great post on the problems inherent with simply slapping a QR code on a package and calling it a day.  QR codes can be a powerful tool for communication between brands and their customers but, like most things, without a clear strategy behind the use…the codes just end up being more noise on …

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May 14

Greenwashing: Sustainability’s Dirty Little Secret

Excerpts from:  Greenwashing: Sustainability’s Dirty Little Secret A very thought provoking, and well researched, article from My Print Resources (Joann Whitcher) – click on this link for the full text of the article Within the graphic arts community, the term greenwashing (using unsubstantiated, nonscientific environmental claims—often not true—to promote a product or service) can cause …

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May 09

We Have Seen the Enemy….and the Enemy is Us!

You can’t turn around these days without someone making an announcement.  And I’ve got one of my own:   I AM NO LONGER THE POLLYANNA OF BRAND PROTECTION; the Pollyanna who believes that brand owners absolutely must provide for consumer-level authentication in their product packaging. For many years I fought the good and thorough fight.  Consumers …

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